The Six Harmonies

Luk Hup Ba Fa was a famous scholar and hermit who lived in the early Song Dynasty. (11th century). After a life-time of study and meditation, Fa, developed “Water Boxing”, named for its smooth, flowing character. Hundreds of years later, Tung Fun Lee discovered Fa’s writings and studied them, passing on the knowledge to his students. At some point in history, part of Fa’s sage-like wisdom melded within Seven Star Kung Fu.

Internal Harmonies

1. Body and Heart together: Heart refers to confidence you have within. You must practice until you are completely used to it, then when you move you will have confidence.

2. Mind and Heart together: Once the body is ready tehre is no longer a need to copy. Something more is required; the body has to obey the mind. What the mind tells it, it must do!

3. Mind and Chi together: Chi means energy, which comes from breathing. Once you practice enough to get confidence, then you can move without hesitation.

4. Spirit and Movement together: Spirit does not refer to any religious meaning here. It refers to a state of mental alertness. When you are relaxed, you have energy and it must always be ready to go with you.

5. Spirit and Movement: In martial arts, the spirit uses the senses; sight, hearing and touch. Having mastered the previous harmonies, when you are with an opponent and you or hear anything, your body will automatically react.

6. Movement and Emptiness: When you have the benefit of the previous five harmonies, you need not think about anything. You must empty your mind and following the opponent; just react. You are like a flag in the wind. The flag has no mind, it follows the wind to move.